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Former governor of Arkansas and evangelical pastor Mike Huckabee has suspended his presidential campaign after a dismal showing in the Iowa caucuses, which he won in his 2008 campaign. Huckabee was rumored to be weighing an endorsement of Donald Trump, though when asked about it the former governor said “that’s nonsense.”





Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) suspended his Republican presidential campaign after finishing near the bottom during the Iowa caucuses. He has endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for the nomination, who like Santorum advocates a staunchly hawkish foreign policy. Santorum says he supports Rubio because the Florida senator is “a candidate that espouses the values we believe in … someone who has a real understanding of the threat of ISIS.”



Arthur Waldron is a professor of international relations at the University of Pennsylvania and a well-known China hawk. In a recent email to Right Web, Waldron wrote, “I can only express gratitude for the care and accuracy with which you track my activities.” He wittily added: “Occasionally when I can’t remember, I look you up.” Waldron appears to be concerned about the numerous associations with neoconservative groups that his Right Web profile documents, writing: “I am NOT a neoconservative, in favor of U.S. intervention all over the place. I am a conservative who thinks we should identify carefully what is and is not our interest. My basic passion is human rights, even for the Chinese.”


Since dropping out of the GOP primary contest, überhawk Senator Lindsey Graham has promoted the candidacy of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. He has also repeatedly lambasted other candidates, including in particular frontrunners Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. Trump, according to Graham, “make no sense.”



The presidential campaign of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is floundering. With the first primary elections quickly approaching, many observers think that it “may be too late” for Bush to “save his candidacy,” particularly in view of his paltry poll results. Nevertheless, Bush has doubled down on his hardline foreign policy positions, recently calling for a “no-fly zone, or a series of no-fly zones” over Syria. On the other hand, Bush has said that he would try to pursue a foreign policy more akin to that of his father George H.W. Bush, who was excoriated by hawks for pursuing supposedly “realist” objectives in foreign affairs. 



Donald Trump is a billionaire real estate mogul and the front-runner in the 2016 GOP presidential primary. In addition to his racist and reactionary views regarding migrants and foreigners, Trump tends to take wild and often unpredictable stances on foreign policy and global affairs. At times revealing extreme ignorance regarding key events and actors, Trump can push extremely hawkish views in one moment and then at another advocate limiting U.S. overseas military engagements. One libertarian commentator argues that “Trump, for all his contradictions, gives voice to the ‘isolationist’ populism that [Sen. Marco] Rubio and his neocon confederates despise.”


While many of his like-minded “pro-Israel” megadonors have appeared to swing their support behind Sen. Marco Rubio in the GOP primary, Republican Party patron and real estate magnate Melvin Sembler appears intent on sticking with Jeb Bush. The former U.S. ambassador to Italy and long-time backer of neoconservative groups, including Keep America Safe and the American Enterprise Institute, Sembler is a member of the Bush campaign’s “Jewish leadership team.”



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